Resource Sharing with Privacy Management in Federated Online Communities

Virtual online communities used for a variety of social and professional groups have proliferated rapidly, offering plenty of opportunities for peoples to share interests and organize activities with a common goal. Resource management is the efficient and effective deployment for an organization’s resources when they are needed. The distributive nature of online entities of nowadays imposes difficulties in resource discovery, which is a first important step in distributed resource management. This research project aims in addressing a flexible and secure distributed resource environment to support further innovation. The main research work includes understanding community behavior, forming a well managed resource environment applying knowledge engineering and knowledge management technologies, and providing seamless access to resources while ensuring suitable service developments are delivered in sustainable ways. Federated online communities are integrations of services and data streams provided by multiple communities. It provides a further platform for communities, companies, and government departments to share their resources economically. The objective of resource sharing is to minimize the operational cost and maximize the resource usage. The relevant research is to benefit the community in budget utilization as well as to promote the reduction of energy consumption.